As expected, Zach Randolph gets $25,000 fine for saying refs favored Harden, Rockets


“It’s obvious. It was the refs tonight. I mean, eight against five. I mean, the game was, in the second half, (James Harden) is shooting a free throw every time. We out there playing hard. They dictating the game. It can’t be like that, man. We’re out here playing, too.  It was a horrible game they reffed tonight, awful. They dictated the game – plain, point, simple. They dictated the game.”

As those words came out of Zach Randolph’s mouth Thursday night you knew a fine was coming from the league.

It did officially Friday afternoon, Randolph was hit with a $25,000 for criticizing the officials.

Harden got to the line 25 times in that game. Our own Dan Feldman went back and watched the fouls and found there were a few bad calls, and a few borderline ones that went the Rockets way, but it was not as bad as the Grizzlies claimed.

But Harden was the more aggressive player and Memphis is a physical team on defense. This isn’t some huge surprise. In pretty much every level of basketball the calls will go to the player being the more aggressive, the one attacking. That’s Harden’s game and with no Marc Gasol in the Memphis paint Harden was able to take advantage.