Slideshow of NBA Christmas Day Adidas “Big Logo” sleeved jerseys


We told you they were coming, the NBA reminded you plenty that you could buy them, and at points they were the talk of twitter — the NBA/Adidas Christmas Day “Big Logo” sleeved jerseys.

Let’s just say the general reaction to them online was pretty much the same as the one you had when to your mother-in-law when gave you that purple V-neck sweater for Christmas.

Personally, the sleeved jerseys don’t bother me but I know they do some people (including LeBron James). I’ll add this — early reports are the sleeved jerseys are selling fairly well. There are two reasons these are not going away anytime soon: 1) The NBA and Adidas want to sell jerseys to guys who wouldn’t buy or wear a traditional tank top version; 2) When advertising does come to NBA jerseys (and it will) the sleeve is another place to put it and have it be largely unobtrusive but would get seen.