Tiago Splitter tap in with 2.1 seconds left gives Spurs win (VIDEO)


Golden State was the more talented team on the floor Thursday night, but they ended up on losing to a depleted Spurs team.

Why? The penultimate possession summed up the game fairly well — tied 102-102 the Spurs got the ball to the guy with the hot hand (Marco Belinelli) and when he missed Boris Diaw (who had set a pick for Belinelli out by the arc) came crashing through and was able to secure the rebound. He went back up with a reverse lay-up that also missed, but by now Tiago Splitter had moved into position and had the tap in.

It gives the Spurs a win on a night Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. It gives the Warriors a punch to the gut.