Robin Lopez gets defensive when compared to twin Brook Lopez


Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez do not look alike, at least not completely.

Robin, the Trail Blazers’ center sports a wild afro. His twin brother, Brook, the Nets’ center, has a closer crop.

But is that why they don’t look alike now? Did Robin grow out his hair to look distinct from Brook?

Robin, via Chris Haynes of CSN Northwest:

“People are going to be morons,” he said. “If people can’t tell us apart, they’re going to be morons either way. Letting my hair grow had nothing to do with trying to look different from Brook.”I came back with “But you guys do look alike.” And he looked me dead in the eyes and promptly replied in his deep voice, “no we don’t.”

If you read the rest of Haynes’ article, it’s clear Robin is joking. But many jokes are rooted in fact. Does Robin, deep down, resent looking like Brook?

I have no idea, but if were an opponent looking to get under his skin, I might bring it up. The way Robin is playing – having a career year to help the Trail Blazers to a 22-5 start – I’d try anything. 

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.On the other hand, bringing up Robin’s hair might just get you beat up.