Adam Silver signed basketballs are in circulation


The times, they are a changin’.

Adam Silver will replace David Stern as NBA Commissioner on Feb. 1, and among the differences (there will not be that many, really) is that the NBA basketballs will change — the David Stern autographed version are out and Silver’s will be in.

Bloomberg News had reported before that the NBA was going to keep David Stern’s signature on the balls through this full season, but the league changed its mind according to a new article (via Ball Don’t Lie):

The company, which has made the official ball since the 1983-84 season, changed course after a Bloomberg News story on June 6 reported the league’s signature piece of equipment would carry an outdated signature for much of next season, said Paul Sullivan, a senior vice president at Spalding.

“After that article came out we talked a lot more about the NBA,” Sullivan said in a telephone interview from company headquarters in Bowling Green, Kentucky. “We jumped through hoops making sure the NBA has Adam Silver balls that are broken in and ready for Feb. 1.”