Kendrick Perkins tells Joakim Noah to “get your a– up out’ of Thunder locker room


In the NBA, guys often have good friends on the opposing team — guys they played with in AAU or college, guys who share an agent, guys they work out with in the summer. There is a camaraderie.

Kendrick Perkins is old school, weaned on the Kevin Garnett “I hate the guys on the other team 24/7” philosophy.

Thursday night after the Thunder dispatched the undermanned Bulls, OKC’s Thabo Sefalosha (who used to play in Chicago) went over to the Bulls locker room, saw old friends, then invited Joakim Noah back over to the Thunder locker room for a spell.

Perkins took exception to Noah in the locker room and there was a brief exchange. Here is a transcript via Anthony Slater of the Oklahoman.


Bulls’ security guided Noah to the team bus. Aggrey Sam of CSNChicago added this:

This is part of why Scott Brooks and the Thunder management like having Perkins around — he has a ring, he sets a tone in the locker room they would like some of their young guys to follow. Frankly Noah sets that tone for the Bulls on the court.

Will be interesting to see these two go at it though March 17 in Chicago.