WATCH: Jared Sullinger with ridiculous tip-in at end of quarter


After this play, you just thought it was the Celtics’ night. Turns out not so much (the Pistons came back to win).

Still, this was a fantastic execution by the Celtics. With o.2 seconds left on the clock the only way to score was a tip in, and Jared Sullinger rolls to the basket (without a pick) and after a great pass from Gerald Wallace Sullinger can make the play. What really makes the play is the call —  Tommy Heinsohn says it would take the “tip in of the century” and then he just cracks up and says sure, it was the tip in of the century.

By the way, why don’t teams defend this play with a zone? Especially a team with Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, big guys who can just swat the pass away and end this play.