Updated Report: Boston Celtics talking Rondo trade with Kings, multiple sources deny


UPDATE 3:47 pm: It didn’t take long for multiple quality sources to shoot this idea down.

There are conversations between teams all the time, how far this really got is certainly up vor debate.

2:26 pm: 

If you weren’t watching Sports Dash on the NBC Sports Network today you missed a big one:

The Celtics are reportedly talking about a multi-player deal with the Sacramento Kings where Rajon Rondo is the centerpiece, as reported by Donny Marshall of the NBC Sports Network and Comcast Sportsnet New England.

There are not a lot of details here, but you can bet a mix of players and picks would return to Boston in this deal. Boston also has rumored to have had discussions as part of a third team in an Omer Asik deal, but now that is a lot of moving parts to fit together.

For Sacramento, I get it. If you can pair Rondo with DeMarcus Cousins you have two young cornerstone pieces you think you can build a contender around. Sacramento would have to surrender multiple picks plus Ben McLemore, Isaiah Thomas and more. Someone like Marcus Thornton (or Rudy Gay) needs to be involved to make the numbers work and there would be others involved as well.

Not sure this comes to fruition, and if a Kings/Celtics trade goes down it is likely much closer to the trade deadline in February. But this is out there.