Michael Jordan shoots, misses — house fails to sell at auction


If you still want to buy Michael Jordan’s home you can — it’s still on the market.

Jordan has been trying to sell his Chicago compound — which has 9 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a dining room table that is like a grid of the city of Bagdad, a pool with a grass island in the middle of it, a three-bedroom guest house that is bigger than where you live now, and of course the personal basketball court complete with the Jumpman logo at center court — for years but has not been able to find a buyer.

So he went the action route this week. However that failed too as the reserve price was not met, reports the Chicago Tribune. We don’t know what that price was, we do know when Jordan tried to sell the home in 2012 he asked $29 million for it. No takers then, not takers now at whatever the price (prospective buyers had to put $250,000 refundable down just to get in on the bidding).

Jordan will try to sell it again next year, hoping that the market will catch up with what he is hoping to get.

Hat tip to Lang at NBA.com’s All Ball, who refused to bid on the house because it lacked a shark tank.