PBT Extra: Kobe, Wade are All-Stars? Plus when does Asik get dealt?


To answer your first question: I am fighting off a cold, that’s why I sound like that. Raspy voices are in, I hear.

As for the topics…

If you’re a basketball purist who thinks the All-Star Game should be filled with the players who performed the best the first half of the season… well life has to suck a little for you. That’s just not the way the star system of the NBA works.

Fans have voted in Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade as starters, even though if you took the best players so far Stephen Curry would start over Kobe. In the latest edition of PBT Extra Kay Adams asks who should have had those spots, but in the end Kobe and Wade “deserve” to be there because that’s who the fans want to see. That’s who got the votes. Welcome to democracy, you don’t always get the best candidates winning the election.

Kay and I also discuss Rajon Rondo trade rumors out of Boston, then whether Omer Asik in Houston or Pau Gasol in Los Angeles gets traded first.