Of course Nike released a Kobe comeback ad narrated by Ice Cube (VIDEO)


In case you can’t get enough Kobe Bryant comeback we are here to help.

Nike released a Kobe Bryant comeback commercial on the day of his return to the Lakers lineup, which you can see above. In case you didn’t know and it wasn’t already obvious, Nike is a Kobe sponsor and he has his own signature line of shoes. The ad shows the images of Kobe going down with his Achilles tear.

The nice touch was getting Ice Cube to do the voiceover:

“If he never got up, he’d still be called a hero If he hadn’t stepped back on the court, he’d still be a Hall of Famer. If he didn’t hit those free throws, he’d still go down in basketball history. And if he never came back to the game, he’d be a living legend. But he wouldn’t be Kobe Bryant.”

Lakers fans are eating this comeback up, but Kobe looked understandably rusty and the team looked out of sync in their loss to the Raptors Sunday night. It’s going to take a little getting used to for this all to work.