Highlights from Kobe Bryant’s return to court (VIDEO)


There were rough patches — the 2-for-9 shooting, the eight turnovers — but there were also moments in Kobe Bryant’s return to action Sunday night against Toronto where you said “that’s the Kobe I remember.”

There was his first play, a bullet pass to Robert Sacre for an assist. Later there was the jab step to create space followed by a pull-up jumper from 19 feet. There was still enough explosion to get into the lane when he wanted to drive. He could still make some plays.

More importantly it’s just good for the league to have Kobe Bryant back. This is a league driven by stars and Kobe is among the brightest (and most polarizing, but still among the greats). Kobe will go down as one of the greatest two guards ever to play the game, one of the greatest players in Lakers’ history. He’s an icon. And having him back on the court is good for the league.