NBA handing out Red Card warnings to rude, abusive fans at games



An NBA fan was handed this at an NBA game Wednesday (and his friend posted the photo on Reddit, where I saw it).

It’s a “red card” warning for what is deemed abusive language or behavior to someone — a player, a coach, the referees or another fan. The warning is clear: keep it up and you will be tossed. And no, you are not getting your money back.

It’s the first time I’ve seen this, but according to the NBA this has been in place in arenas since 2005.

And I’m good with this — you pay your money you get to voice your opinion, but up to a point where it crosses the line of decency. Where is that line is the question — decency is not a universal standard (is what is offensive in Milwaukee always offensive in Brooklyn?). The Wizards (then Bullets) used to have a legendary heckler who forced the league to come up with things like a “fan code of conduct.” He’d probably have a collection of these things now.