LaMarcus Aldridge drops 38 on Thunder, outplays Durant (VIDEO)


I said it in the PBT nightly grades post and I’ll say it here — I think LaMarcus Aldridge is the best four in the league right now. I’d take him over Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony, Tim Duncan or anyone else you can throw out there right now (excluding LeBron James, who plays kind of a hybrid four a lot for Miami but that is a different system).

Aldridge showed how special he is with his 38 points on Wednesday night against the Thunder — Aldridge was the best player on the floor. Better than that Kevin Durant guy (who was pretty good with 33 of his own). Aldridge had 28 and 10 a couple of nights ago against the Pacers.

Thing is, Aldridge has been pretty much this good for years, the talent around him hasn’t been as good so he drew a lot more defensive attention. Now… well check out those highlights.