Kevin Garnett and Andrea Bargnani get tangled up, receive double technicals (VIDEO)


NEW YORK — The Knicks ended their nine-game losing streak with a blowout win over the Nets in Brooklyn, and early in the fourth with the game already decided Kevin Garnett and Andrea Bargnani got into a brief scuffle that resulted in both players being assessed technical fouls.

Garnett is normally the one to blame in these situations, and initially that seemed to be the case here. Standing over another player preventing him from getting up off the floor is a passive aggressive move, and Bargnani was right not to take to kindly to Garnett’s action.

But Bargnani wasn’t innocent here, holding Garnett’s jersey as he fell which caused Garnett to do the same.

Players from both teams stepped in quickly (as did the officials), and there was nothing more to see — until a short time later when Bargnani may have had words for Garnett after hitting a long two-pointer that pushed the lead to 30. Bargnani said afterward he did nothing to earn the ejection, but referee Joey Crawford apparently believed there was some taunting going on and he didn’t want things to escalate.

Garnett was asked afterward what Bargnani said to him to earn the ejection.

“I don’t speak Italian,” Garnett said.