Watch Warriors 27-point comeback to beat Raptors (VIDEO)


When the Golden State Warriors start raining threes there is no show like them in the NBA.

The Warriors were down 27 points in the third quarter night at home to the Raptors. The Raptors were ahead 18 entering the fourth quarter and every Toronto fan still awake and watching the game back home was saying “just defend the three-point line…”

But they didn’t (there were some odd defensive doubling and trapping choices in there by Dwane Casey’s Raptors). And the threes started to fall — Golden State hit 8-of-11 from three in the fourth quarter.

Golden State won the fourth quarter 42-15 and the game 112-103. Dramatic, fun win for Golden State. Crushing loss for Toronto, which has lost its lead in the sad Atlantic Division.