Nate Robinson shot lefty free throws after injuring right wrist Tuesday (VIDEO)


Nate Robinson often gets plenty of run for the Nuggets in the fourth quarter of games. For one thing, he is the human proof of the hot hand theory and when he gets going can change a game (or he can be Mr. Snow Miser, everything he touches turns to snow in his clutch… he’s too much).

He was in during the fourth quarter of the Nets rout of the lowly Nets Tuesday when he fell hard on a drive, landing on his right wrist. His shooting wrist. So he stayed in and shot his free throws lefty.

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Then after the game he basically said he’ll get some ice, some tape and be ready to go next game. It’s his football mentality. And who knows, next game he could be Mr. Heat Miser and win the game for the Nuggets.