PBT Podcast for Dec. 3: We answer twitter questions on Blazers, Pacers vs. Monstars

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You got to be the programmers for the latest edition of NBC’s ProBasketballTalk Podcast with myself and Eyton Shander of NBC Sports Radio — I asked you to send me twitter questions (@basketballtalk) and we tried to answer a bunch of them.

We start off talking Trail Blazers and their hot start, then move on to the real question: Could the Pacers or the Trail Blazers beat the Monstars from Space Jam?

Other topics you asked about included the evolution of LeBron James and his game, what the Lakers will do without Steve Nash and what the Minnesota Timberwolves need to do to get back to winning games.

Check it out by hitting play below or  you can listen and subscribe via iTunes.

We’ll be doing the twitter questions PBT Podcast again, follow me and I’ll ask for questions again soon.