Jrue Holiday with the driving game winner in 3OT (VIDEO)

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Chicago and New Orleans played one of the more epic matches of the season on Monday night — it wasn’t always pretty, but it was epic. And long. Triple-overtime long.

There was no Derrick Rose, no Anthony Davis, yet still some good offense from both sides led by Luol Deng (37 points) and Ryan Anderson (36 points). Other guys also were making plays.

Like Jrue Holiday on what proved to be the game winner.

It was a smart play design by Monty Williams. Holiday started in the back court looking like an escape vaulve but then  started a midfielders soccer run to the goal. Kirk Hinrich was a little behind recognizing what was happening then got picked  by Ryan Anderson, which sprung Holiday free. He had a full head of stem, got the ball by the three point line driving to the basket, and by the time the Bulls defense recognizes what is happening there is nothing Taj Gibson can do but foul — Holiday finishes anyway and gets the three point play.

That play got the Pelicans a 131-128 win. An epic win, but one that is going to leave them with some tired legs.