DeMarcus Cousins won’t shake J.J. Redick’s hand, Redick appears confused (VIDEO)


DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t want his teammates shaking hands with their opponents, believing that they will be better served in competition by loathing the other team instead of liking them, even by showing the smallest display of sportsmanship.

Personally, I’m completely down with this philosophy. In an age where plenty of players have known each other since they were kids and off-the-court friendships without regard to team boundaries are prevalent, it’s nice to see some on-court animosity that could fuel some real competitive fire.

Cousins continued his pursuit of team above all on Friday, and did so once again against the Clippers.

After a play where he knocked J.J. Redick to the ground beneath the basket, Redick extended a hand to show he had no hard feelings. Cousins wanted nothing to do with it, of course, and the best part of the exchange was Redick’s completely perplexed reaction.

[via Larry Brown Sports]