Denver put away Minnesota on 6-0 dunk run (VIDEO)


There were no games on Thanksgiving to bring you highlights from, so we have one more from Wednesday night.

Denver’s offense has opened up since JaVale McGree went down — driving lanes have have parted like the Red Sea, and the Nuggets feel like they are running more, and guys are working hard on the glass. The Nuggets are getting to the rim more one way or another.

Take what happened Wednesday night as an example. Minnesota had come back to be down by one — 102-103 — with under four minutes to go, when Denver got to the rim for three straight dunks to put the dagger in the game and earn the win. Two of the dunks were J.J. Hickson, the other was Kenneth Faried running the break and finishing with authority. Denver went on to win 117-110.

Denver is fun again.

Hat tip to Matt Moore at Eye on Basketball.