Not sure I’d have Orlando’s Glen Davis carve your Thanksgiving turkey (VIDEO)


Every year on the game before Thanksgiving, the Orlando Magic have their stars of the game carve a turkey as part of the post game television interview… yes, it’s a little strange, but if John Madden can give out odd numbers of Turkey legs on Thanksgiving, the Magic can have players carve a bird.

Although I’m not sure that I would call what Glen Davis did there “carving.”

Davis and Nikola Vucevic deserved to be the players of the game Wednesday — they combined for 40 points on 19-of-28 shooting, 21 rebounds and four blocks, leading the Magic to a win — which means they got the carving honors. For Davis, that meant just ripping off a leg and eating it. Vucevic carefully carved off a slice, all the while looking like a guy who did not grow up eating turkey in Switzerland and Belgium (where he spent is formative years).

Next year, they need to have some stuffing out there, too.