Kevin Garnett does not hear you calling him old (VIDEO)


If these new noise cancelling Beats by Dre headphones really can help you tune out Skip Bayless I may shell out for a pair.

This new ad for the headphones features Kevin Garnett tuning out his critics (be careful, a little NSFW language in there).

You need to suspend your belief in reality for this commercial to really work — the criticism of KG leaving for Brooklyn, even the current criticism of the Nets, is  not nearly that intense. Nobody is throwing eggs at him on a team bus coming into games. Also, when players get off a team bus at the arena they do not have to pass a gauntlet of angry fans yelling slurs at them. The NBA is not some European soccer match.

Still, nice headphones.

Hat tip to Rob Mahoney of The Point Forward at SI, who would throw eggs at KG if he got the chance.