LeBron James sticks game-winner against Orlando Magic (VIDEO)


Well, this was almost unfair.

The Orlando Magic had played really well in Glen Davis’ first game back since his season-ending injury last year, and they were in a good position to pull off an upset over the Heat. They had played well enough, and you can even say they deserved to win.

But then LeBron James happened.


Arron Afflalo is a really good defender, but if LeBron James gets the ball at 20-feet, smack dab in the middle of the floor, against no help defense and a defender much smaller than him? Good luck. James made this look easy, because it was.

If this happened three or four years ago, it would be a big deal. People would scream at each other and say things like, “he can’t do it when it matters!” and it would go back and forth. But now? It’s just a good move and a good shot by the league’s best player .