Orthopedic surgeon explains why odds were never in Derrick Rose’s favor


We’re still waiting on the official diagnosis of Derrick Rose’s knee injury, but there’s been plenty of interesting information floated out in the meantime.

It’s pretty difficult to find much optimism out there, but only the MRI scheduled today will reveal the severity of the injury. Anything else is just speculation or reading between the lines.

Still, there’s a major reason for concern. Rose’s injury was to his non-surgically repaired knee, which is a common problem for athletes returning from ACL tears. Here’s Dr. Mark Adickes, a former professional athlete who became an orthopedic surgeon, explaining why that is.

Athletes who suffer one ACL injury are vulnerable to other knee injuries, but the extent to which this is true is a little surprising.

While Rose’s repaired knee may have been as strong as it possibly could be, that doesn’t factor in your body and mind’s natural way of overcompensating, and it doesn’t factor in that you may be predisposed for injuries through no fault of your own.

Rose worked extremely hard to get back. He waited until he was ready both physically and mentally. But sometimes, as hopeless as this sounds, the odds just aren’t in your favor.

Here’s hoping Rose avoided another serious injury. We’ll know more tonight.