Vince Carter says he was joking around about Dwight Howard “crybaby” crack


Predictably, the Internet loved it when Vince Carter said Dwight Howard was the biggest crybaby he knew. After two years of drama as he left Orlando for Los Angeles, the L.A. for Houston, it’s safe to say fans outside H Town are pretty much done with all things Dwight. And Carter’s comments fit right into the conventional wisdom that Howard is not mentally tough enough to lead a team to a title.

But Carter thinks you’re taking his comment way too seriously.

The day after his comments went viral Carter backtracked from them a little speaking to the Dallas Morning News.

“Everybody is blowing it out of proportion,” Carter said. “First of all, we were just playing around joking. It was a joke because he said it to me first. And we were complaining about his 3 seconds (in the lane). He was saying, stop crying. And I said, you’re the biggest crybaby.”

Vince Carter is a guy who has transformed his image around the league — he was the big-ego, high-flying superstar who people thought couldn’t lead a team, into now a solid veteran role player. A decade ago nobody thought this was the Carter we would see in 2013.

We’ll see if Howard can transform his image over the years he’s in Houston. Right now it is what Vince Carter said it is.