Video: Rick Carlisle impersonates Gregg Popovich


Sometimes, it’s fun to be a jerk.

I think most people recognize that, and that’s why so many get a kick out of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich belittling reporters, especially during between-quarter interviews. He has all the power in his relationship with the media, so there’s no incentive for him not act how he does (other than common decency, but we’ll let that slide). I think many of us envy his ability to be a jerk without major consequence.

Well, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle need not be envious any longer. He’s joined the jerk ranks.


Broussard: The Rockets ahead by 14 points. Coach, Dwight Howard obviously has it going inside. Will you consider double-teaming him in the fourth?

Carlisle: Yes.

Broussard: Does it make, the fact that they shoot so well from the 3, does that make it tough to make that decision to go ahead and do that?

Carlisle: Yes. That’s my Popovich impersonation. Thank you.

I’d give Carlisle a B+ for the interview impersonation but an A for his strategic impression of the NBA’s best coach. Despite trailing by 14, the Mavericks rallied to win the game.