Should ‘Melo have gotten a four-point play at end of game? (VIDEO)


Was Carmelo Anthony fouled on the ground — meaning before he went into his shooting motion — or should this have been a four-point play that might well have given the Knicks the win?

It’s close.

There were 5.8 seconds left, the Knicks down three, and Anthony moves toward the ball with the Rockets James Harden trailing him. Anthony gets a bounce pass and turns to shoot but referee Scott Foster was clear from the start — he waived it off and called the foul before the shot.

Our own D.J. Foster says the foul was was on the ground in The Extra Pass and I will agree with him that the Harden tries to foul — he bumps Anthony and tries to reach in. What he doesn’t do is wrap Anthony up and make it obvious.

To me, that bump and little reach are the kind of fouls not called in the final seconds of games, the things players play through, and you can make the case the foul is on the shot. In which case it’s a four point play (or at least he gets a free throw) and the final five seconds will play out differently.  However, you can make a good case either way here.

It’s close.