Damian Lillard with the easiest game winner you may ever see (VIDEO)


Phoenix was on the verge of doing it again — they were ahead 89-88 with 11.3 seconds left, all they needed to do was get a stop and they would have another win to add to their surprising start to the season.

Portland’s Damian Lillard got the ball as everyone in the building knew he would, LaMarcus Aldridge comes out high and sets the screen, Lillard comes off of it and… what is Channing Fry doing? He doesn’t show out to slow Lillard, he doesn’t play back to try and take away a driving lane that way, rather he stands right next to Aldridge basically doubling the size of the screen.

So Lillard turns the corner off the screen and has a wide open path to the basket and nobody rotates over to stop him. P.J. Tucker reaches with his arm but doesn’t move his feet and that is the best effort they have.

Credit Lillard, he made the lay-up.

Phoenix still had a chance but a missed shot and two missed point-blank putbacks left this as the winning shot. The easiest one you will ever see.