What if you made a “30-for-30” about the “Space Jam” game? (VIDEO)

space jam

It’s time we started talking about the Michael Jordan game against the alien invaders in “Space Jam” like we do the “flu Game” or hitting a shot over Byron Russell to win a title. It is a crucial yet often overlooked part of the Jordan legacy.

Our partners over at OMG! at Yahoo Sports get that and wondered what it would look like if you did an ESPN “30 for 30” style documentary about the game. And what they got was pure gold. Great interviews with guys like Kurt Rambis, Greg Anthony, Doug Gottlieb, Larry Burnett, Mark Madsen, plus other journalists who were covering Jordan at the time. It gives you a real sense of the history of the moment.

This is brilliant.

However, if you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of the game itself, Coach Nick at BBallBreakdown attacked it this summer.


Hat tip to Lang at All Ball, who Jordan really could have used at the four in that game.