Kevin Love chooses not to answer a reporter’s non-question (VIDEO)


The postgame interview session can often be tedious for star players, especially coming after a close loss when they’re not really in the mood to deal with any nonsense.

After the Timberwolves dropped a close one to the Clippers on Monday, Kevin Love found himself in this familiar situation.

Many times and for various reasons, reporters won’t pose an actual question to a player — they’ll ask them to “talk about” something that happened during the game (usually to fill in a quote for an already-written column or game story), or they’ll simply utter a statement about something that happened hoping to get the player to be more conversational in giving their response.

Plenty of players have cliches for days ready for these situations, but Love is usually pretty good in terms of giving thoughtful responses to postgame questions. So the fact that he chose not to respond to a statement before reasonably declaring, “That wasn’t a question” is more an indication of his willingness to engage, rather than him being intentionally obstinate.