Steve Blake knocks down game-winning three, lifts Lakers over Rockets (VIDEO)


While the narrative will be about the revenge of the Lakers on Dwight Howard, that’s not what really decided the Lakers 99-98 win.

This game was about the backcourt: The Rockets starting guards were 10-of-34 shooting (29 percent), which falls short of the 38 percent the Lakers backcourt shot, but neither team was impressive.

However in the end Steve Blake hit the game winner. He was 4-of-6 from beyond the arc on the night so Mike D’Antoni set up a play where Steve Nash or Blake was to spring out, the guy who was open got the rock and the shot. Blake sprung out and got a clean look before Howard could close (it wasn’t his guy) and the rest is the 99-98 Lakers win. Great pass by Jodie Meeks, but Blake hit the shot.

Hat tip to Eye on Basketball y t.