LeBron James does little late-game dance, Raptors fans boo


Raptors fans had a little reason to be frustrated Tuesday night — Miami came to town without Chris Bosh, went very small and the Raptors couldn’t make them pay. Jonas Valanciunas had 10 points in the first quarter but the Raptors got away from pounding the ball inside, meanwhile LeBron James was being LeBron James and the Heat were moving the ball beautifully.

In the end, the Heat had it won and LeBron had the ball and was trying to run out the clock a little, when he decided to go Michael Flatley and do a kind of Riverdance Irish jig. Raptors fans didn’t appreciate it and let him hear it.

I find this more interesting end-of-game entertainment then meaningless threes to win two free tacos. You win, you get to dance.

Hat tip to Ben Golliver of SI’s The Point Forward, who is known around the league as a huge “Lord of the Dance” fan.