Norris Cole’s crossover breaks Derrick Rose’s ankles


Welcome back to the NBA, Derrick Rose.

He looked rusty on this play, where Miami’s Norris Cole brings the ball up quickly, starts to move towards a Chris Andersen screen — Rose starts to anticipate the contact and Cole crosses him up and gets the wide-open jumper.

Rose says he wasn’t rusty, that he shot 4-of-15 because he was just missing shots. Okay, you can define that difference for yourself. Rose looked great in the preseason, but that was the preseason, the Heat are a long and athletic team that makes life difficult for penetrating guards because they have guys who can cut off angles, and when they did that to Rose he chose some rather poor shots. However you define it, we know Rose will have better games.

Not sure if Norris Cole has a better move in him.

Miami went on to win the game handily on the night they got their shiny new rings.