Spurs add new camouflage alternate jerseys in military salute


Due to the lack of shrubbery on an NBA court, I doubt a camouflage-inspired uniform will do what camouflage was originally intended to do.

But camouflage as a fashion statement in support of America’s armed forces is something pretty much everyone can get behind — and the San Antonio Spurs are going to do that this year. Thursday they unveiled their new military-inspired uniforms, which they will wear for the first time Nov. 13 against the Wizards. The new gear is part of the adidas NBA Pride Uniform Collection.

“Playing in San Antonio, we’re constantly reminded of the selflessness and courage of those that serve,” Spurs guard Danny Green said in a released statement. “We owe them a debt of gratitude and it is an honor to recognize and show support to all active and retired military members.”

As alternate uniforms go… I kind of like them. Not love, but as alternate’s go not bad (MLB’s Padres do the same thing and I like it less, for some reason I can’t explain). Of course, I liked the gray alternates the Spurs broke out last year as well, although that one seems to put me in the minority.

We’ll see what they look like in action on Nov. 13 before making any final judgments. But you have to like the sentiment behind it.