Tyler Hansbrough backs down from confrontation after realizing it’s Metta World Peace (VIDEO)


This is THE video of the NBA night, and one you will see replayed thousands of times, especially  every time Tyler Hansbrough’s toughness comes up.

During an otherwise often tedious double overtime preseason game, Toronto’s Hansbrough missed a shot and as he went for an offensive rebound and putback he got fouled solidly from behind. Hansbrough didn’t see who fouled him, but he didn’t like it one bit. He lashed out, threw the arms off him and turned around looking for a little more…

And saw Metta World Peace.

Hansbrough’s eyes bug out like a Tex Avery cartoon — that is really the best part of the video — and he just backs down. It looks like he even says “my bad” even though he got hacked. Carmelo Anthony said after the game he heard a Hansbrough apology.


By the way, the Raptors went on to win the game 123-120.