James Harden with the alley-oop to Dwight Howard (VIDEO)


We bring this to you for a couple of reasons. One is we love a good alley-oop, and James Harden with Dwight Howard running on the break with him put together a nice one here.

The other is to point something out — Dwight Howard has played well this preseason. He didn’t put up big numbers in this game against the Magic (8 points, 4 rebounds in 17 minutes, playing just the first half) but if you watch the Rockets this preseason you see a guy moving well again, a guy who is healthy again. More than that, you see a guy playing with a determination he lacked last season in Los Angeles, he’s playing defense with an edge. He’s running the pick-and-roll he despised in L.A. and (like in the clip above) he’s running the floor.

It’s preseason, so we’ll see what happens when the games matter. More importantly, we’ll see what happens when Howard is faced with a little adversity. But so far he’s looked like a guy that knows he has to do it here because there is no next destination for his legacy now.