Raptors’ mascot suffers season-ending torn Achilles injury (VIDEO)


Season-ending injuries aren’t just for players, apparently.

The Raptor, mascot for Toronto’s NBA team, suffered a torn Achilles injury at a community event that is expected to sideline him for the entire year.

Eric Koreen of the National Post has the details:

According to one source, The Raptor tore his Achilles on Friday at a community event in Halifax when attempting a backflip, although the team has not confirmed that. The day-one employee is out for the year after having surgery, although he will appear in vignettes throughout the season. (For a tribute to the genius of The Raptor, please read Zach Lowe’s thoughtful piece on Grantland. All jokes aside, The Raptor is really, really good at his job.)

In a display reminiscent of the free throws Kobe Bryant made after suffering a similar injury, The Raptor finished his routine and high-fived a kid before limping offstage.

It doesn’t matter how you may feel about mascots in general — this one’s a national hero, and no one can tell me otherwise.