Jeff Green blocks D.J. Augustin’s shot as he hurdles him (VIDEO)


More Jeff Green for the Celtics this season is going to mean more of this — he is wildly athletic and it leads to some dynamic plays. Like hurdling Toronto’s D.J. Augustin on the break while blocking his shot during Sunday night’s game.

More Jeff Green will also mean more lines like he had in this preseason game: 2-of-7 from the floor, 0-of-4 from three. I know Celtics fans are expecting him to take a leap forward into a leadership role where he will be more consistent; but I expect what we will get this season is what we always have — brilliance some nights (43 points against the Heat last season) and nights he fades into the background.

The other thing you can get off this video clip is how big a man crush Celtics legend and broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn has on rookie Kelly Olynyk. Listen to a Celtics broadcast and you’ll think Olynyk will be both an All-Star player and win the 2016 Presidential election going away.

Hat tip to /r/NBA.