Dwight Howard sings, dances his way through Philippines (VIDEO)


Dwight Howard wants… no, needs to have fun. It’s part of the reason he didn’t mesh with the serious and driven Kobe Bryant (and to a lesser degree Steve Nash) in Los Angeles. It’s part of what drew him to Houston as Chandler Parsons sold him on a college-like experience.

So you had to know as Howard and the Rockets make their way through the Philippines on their tour of Asia there would be some crazy videos. What you have above, courtesy CSNHouston.com, is Howard signing and doing the “Cha Cha Slide” — a favorite at middle schools everywhere — with Rocket rookies Isaiah Canaan and Robert Covington.

Some in the comments will point to this as some Howard character flaw, but it’s not. Plenty of great NBA players were about having fun off the court, including Howard’s big critic Shaq. What Shaq gets credit for (in part because there’s truth in it and in part because winners get to write history) is his ability to turn off that fun side and be serious enough to overcome adversity and get what he wanted on the court.

That’s what Howard has to prove he can do in Houston. But first, there will be some singing and dancing.