Lakers’ Xavier Henry’s half court buzzer beater (VIDEO)


Kobe Bryant is in Germany (he was going to get around to telling Mike D’Antoni he was going but it slipped his mind). Pau Gasol and Steve Nash were watching in suits. So the Lakers had to turn to some of the guys fighting to make the team/get minutes to step up against Golden State in a preseason game Saturday night.

They got Xavier Henry, who dropped 29 points on the night. Henry is battling Nick Young and Wes Johnson to try to get minutes on the wing (particularly once Kobe returns and really soaks up minutes in that space). This helped Henry, but he’s going to need to be a lot more consistent with these kinds of efforts to win everyone over — he’s a career 29 percent shooter from three and 62 percent overall (in this game he was 9-of-15 from the field and 2-of-4 from three).

Still, nice buzzer beater. The Lakers won 104-95 and got 17 from Young. Golden State was led by Klay Thompson’s 26 but the better news was that Andrew Bogut looked good and moved pretty well.