Brook, Robin Lopez are shopping a television script


But what they really want to do is direct… and maybe win a few basketball games.

As part of their summer the Lopez brothers — Brook Lopez of the Nets and Robin Lopez of the Trail Blazers — have written the pilot for an animated action/adventure/comedy television show they are trying to produce. I’m serious. These guys went to Stanford (where Brook majored in creative writing), they’re not just dumb jocks, and they have interests outside basketball.

The New York Daily News has the details.

“We have a pilot all written out,” says Lopez.

Brooklyn’s All-Star center is quite serious about this endeavor, as well his future plans to create books, comics and video games. He and Robin have visited the studios at Disney and Fox, even sitting at a taping of “The Simpsons.” Like any Hollywood writer, he is keeping the details of the script a secret, providing only the theme.

“This one is Robin’s brainchild,” Lopez says.

Good luck pitching your script, it’s a crowded marketplace filled with every person working on his or her laptop at a Starbucks in West Los Angeles going up against you. Just remember in the pitch meeting you have to sell your original idea as something the young, self-important suits can relate to and think they can sell, so you have to pitch it as a mashup — “it’s Breaking Bad meets Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

I look forward to seeing the Lopez brothers’ show on Adult Swim someday.