Amir Johnson really, really, really loves Toronto


Understandably, Raptors fans are a little fearful of being jilted again.

Chris Bosh, Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady all left Toronto via free agency or by forcing a trade. When the team’s top players – probably uncoincidentally Americans – all flee for the states, that’s no longer just a coincidence. And it doesn’t sit well with loyal Raptors fans.

But Amir Johnson, a Los Angeles native, is a breath of fresh air in T.O.

How does Johnson love Toronto? Let me count the ways, as detailed by Steve Buffery in the Toronto Sun:

  • Johnson loves the Maple Leafs
  • He loves Drake.
  • He loves the malls.
  • He loves the restaurants.
  • He loves the place he can buy quality bootleg DVDs.
  • He loves all the Toronto residents who didn’t bother Jay Z and Beyoncé when the couple was out on the town.

Johnson, via Buffery:

“Most of the things they hear about is the tax and it’s just too cold and too far,” said Johnson. “But once you get out here and get a couple of years out here, I’m pretty sure they’ll begin to like it. And the move (the Raptors) made with Drake, I think the younger class (of NBA players) will want to just to see what Toronto’s all about. Once you ask a young kid (in the States), ‘What do you know about Toronto?’ They say, ‘Oh Bieber and Drake.’ That’s the first thing that comes out of their mouth. They don’t know anything about Toronto, but they know that Justin Bieber is from Canada.”

A few weeks ago, someone tweeted Johnson asking him if he liked playing in Toronto and Canada.

“I don’t just like it,” he replied. “I LOVE IT!”

Johnson will become a free agent in the summer of 2014 or 2015. Then, we’ll see how much he really loves Toronto.