LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony spend media day not talking free agency


They can ignore the questions, but this storyline will not go away.

Pretty much every time Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James step in front of television cameras and reporters this season they are going to be asked about free agency this summer. Both can and likely will opt out of their deals and become free agents, and both will get asked questions about their plans hundreds of different ways over the course of the season.

On media day both had to step up to the podium for press conferences, and both LeBron and Carmelo dodged the questions.

Both LeBron and Carmelo have used the “we’re not going to talk about it” system in the past to limited success, but it seems to be the go-to play.

The fact is they are two of the biggest names in the game and there are a lot of fan bases that want their teams to go hard at these guys next summer. Smart money is on both of them staying put, but there are only a handful of genuine franchise players out there and if you think you have a shot at one you have to make a run at them.

And that makes for a story that does not go away.