It’s Friday, what you could use is some Kyrie Irving highlights


Admit it, it’s Friday, if you’re going to the office today your just going through the motions when you get there. Pretty much the same thing for you students, if you’re in class you’re more likely reading this than taking notes.

So, how about some Kyrie Irving highlights for your Friday? You’re welcome.

Despite missing the start of start of last season due to injury, upon his return he averaged 22.5 points and 5.9 assists a game, looking like the star people think he is. I had a discussion last year at the All Star game with a player in that game about point guards and he said in three years Irving would be the best in the league. And he’s not the only one saying that. If so, last season felt a little like Irving’s breakout season.

So the NBA put together this video and we bring it to you for your Friday enjoyment. It beats work.