JaVale McGee has a new website


So what, you ask?  Most celebrities do, anyways.  Well, this one is notable for who it represents.  It (re)launched today, and does not disappoint.  Worth a solid ten-minute break from your workday, no question.

Do you know JaVale’s height and weight at birth? Do you know his high school GPA?  Did you know he feeds over 1,000 families at his annual Thanksgiving Day JaVale McGee Turkey Giveaway? No? Well, now you do!

Conspicuously absent from the site, however, are the reasons for which JaVale is perhaps most well-known. The man is a human highlight reel with a (seemingly) ten-foot wingspan who plays as a conscience-void reincarnation of NBA Jam.  If your name is George Karl or Brian Shaw, he’s frustratingly inconsistent – but if your name is Joe Fan, JaVale McGee is the most entertaining sideshow in the league:

Exhibit A:  “JaVale McGee“, as narrated by the NBA’s most entertaining commentary.

Exhibit B:  “JaVale McGee Takes No Days Off

I could go on… but I’ll let you do some digging of your own.  I wish I could say that JaVale put some of those infamous YouTube blooper reels on his website – alas, no such luck.