Stephen Curry goes to Tanzania to help with malaria fight


All 272 times Stephen Curry knocked down a three last season — that would be the most ever in a single NBA season by a single player — he was also doing something to fight the spread of malaria.

Through a program that didn’t get a lot of national publicity, Curry teamed with the Nothing But Nets campaign to donate three bed nets for each time he knocked down a three last season. The bed nets are mosquito netting there to keep the insects from biting people (and passing along the disease) while they sleep.

What’s better is Curry didn’t just write a check, he went to Tanzania to see the program in action and posted this video about it (hat tip to Matt at Eye on Basketball for this).

If you don’t think malaria is a problem in the developing world and Africa, you missed the memo — one person dies per minute from malaria in Africa. There are parts of the continent where this is an epidemic.

The bed nets are chemically treated to kill and repel mosquitos and for $10 a net it’s a small cost to help stem a deadly disease. Curry paid or 816 of these nets through this program.

Good on Curry for not only taking up the cause but becoming personally invested in it.