What do you do if the NBA doesn’t pan out and you have insane bounce?


Meet Michael “Air Dogg” Stewart and Hanif “Young Hollywood” Munir.  To say these guys have bunnies might be the understatement of the week.

Stewart and Munir joined forces a few years back as West Coast Dreamers, and have since travelled the world showing off their amazing hops.  They’ve appeared in commercials, ads, you name it.  Stewart once won a year’s worth of free Jack in the Box.* They’ve dunked over the likes of Blake Griffin and Shawn Kemp (in case you were wondering what Shawn Kemp’s been doing since retirement – getting dunked on by short guys). Granted, those aren’t game situations** or anything, but still. The dudes can seriously jump.


So, guys, listen up – if your NBA dreams don’t work out, but you have an unreal vert, you know what to do.

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* Why anyone would want a free year of Jack in the Box is beyond me.

**But, here’s some anyways.