Nuggets give Damion James training camp invite

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Damion James broke his foot his rookie year with the Nets and sadly that has pretty much defined his career to this point. He never really got healthy with the NEts, he had to have a second surgery to replace a screw in his foot, and with this his game never really developed as it needed to. The Nets cut him loose after a couple of seasons, last season bringing him back on a 10-day contract at one point (he was let go when Gerald Wallace got healthy), but he spent most of the season in the D-League.

Now he is a non-guaranteed training camp invite for the Denver Nuggets, as reported by Mark Deeks.

James isn’t making the Nuggets roster, but maybe he can show more development in his game that will catch another team’s eye. He was a 6’7” guy who mostly played power forward around the rim in college at Texas, but in the NBA he’s going to have to step out more and play some on the perimeter — and his outside shot has not been nearly good enough for that. He played for Miami at Summer League this year and in Las Vegas averaged 9 points a game, but on 32.9 percent shooting.

However he can play some — he was a D-League All-Star last year. Most importantly, he was healthy all season. He needs to build on that.

Starting with training camp for the Nuggets.