Brad Stevens talks in coachspeak, doesn’t have Rondo timeline


New Celtics coach Brad Stevens sat down with Comcast Sportsnet New England and said… not much of consequence. A lot of coachspeak.

There was another non-update on a Rajon Rondo timeline.

“He’s been very diligent when he’s been in town. … A couple of young guys came into the gym and just having him here gave them an extra bounce in their step. …I’m the furthest thing from an athletic trainer or doctor, so I don’t know about a timeline.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here — he knows rough timeline. The Sixers with Andrew Bynum last year showed why you may not want to publicize your timelines, but you can bet there is one in the Celtics organization.

Aside that, Stevens was pretty vague. When asked if he would tailor the Celtics offense to fit Rondo even when Rondo wasn’t there, he answered a question with a question.

“That a very good question. Because what he may do well may not be as good a fit for somebody else. So, do you play that way? Start that way knowing that when he is going to come back we don’t know yet, or do we change midstream?”

He did come closer to saying something interesting about the preseason games.

“The one thing that will really be important are the eight exhibition games for me….Get a feel for the 48-minute game. Get a feel for the rotations. There’s so much that’s unique about the college game, but when you break it all down, at the end of the day, basketball is basketball. It’s about who executes the way they want to play in a given game.”

The full interview is above, if you want to watch it.